“I had the opportunity to attend the ideal friendship seminar and it was a very engaging event.  I left the event with a new understanding of myself and the way I relate to other people.  In fact through listening to the other people attending the seminar learned a lot about why friendships are so important to people and walked away with real simple actions I can take to improve my friendships.  And what I learned in the seminar doesn’t just relate to friendships, it’s relevant for business relationships, intimate relationships and relationships with people in my family.  The leader was a very dynamic, centered and patience listener who demonstrated a real ability to empower large groups of people.  It was a lot of fun and well worth the time.  Live full out Jeff!”

Jan Spencer Rosen

“I have attended Jeff Greco’s Friendship Seminar. I found the seminar to be instructive and complete. The issues in friendship were provided in a very organized and meaningful way. Jeff’s style of presentation was very clear and concise and understandable. You will be able to create friendships and keep them vital if you follow his ideas. Friendships are essential to our self-esteem as I have found in my practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Jeff’s presentation brought back to me ideas about friendships that I had not thought about for some time. I consider my experience in his Friendship Seminar useful to myself and I believe it was useful to all who attended.”

Jerry Campana, MFT
San Diego, CA

“Jeff Greco is a true leader in every sense of the word.  He has taken such talents to start a successful Internet marketing company and now has leveraged his entrepreneurial skills to become a gifted public speaker.  I have taken Jeff’s Ideal Friendship Seminar course and was blown away by his presentation and advice.  Jeff’s Ideal Friendship Seminar is a fantastic course for those seeking how to make the most of their relationships.  I cannot give Jeff enough praise for this course.  I have since reflected on my relationships and how they can make my life more fulfilling.  I highly recommend Jeff’s course to anyone looking to live a more rewarding life through their current relationships.”

David Fingerhut

“The ideal friendship seminar was extremely valuable for me.  I learned a simple “CSR” strategy for meeting and connecting with new people, and I took away thought-provoking principles that allowed me to re-evaluate what I want out of my current, and future, friendships.  I walked away at the end of the day with a completely different, and healthier, perspective on quality friendship.”

Jill Hartmann-Roberts
San Diego, CA

“I went to Jeff Greco’s Ideal Friendship Seminar on Saturday and the first thing he did was go through the Top 5 Regrets People have.  Basically, regret about not doing what they really want to do in life.  The reasons are many, but most people have obligations to family, i.e., wife and children and/or, expectations from their parents.  This seminar was about finding out and doing exactly what it is that you really, in your heart of hearts want to do.  He segued from this topic into what friendships mean to us, what an ideal friendship would be and how we can enhance the friendships we already have.  Jeff was sincere and got misty-eyed when talking about his father who passed away last year and his mom who is now fighting a battle with breast cancer.  The “friendship” he has with his family is genuine and he asked us to be genuine with our friends.  First and foremost though, he asked us to look into ourselves because it is there that we create the very first and the most important friendship  –  with ourselves.  Thanks Jeff, enjoyed the seminar very much!”

Emmy Martinez
San Diego, CA


“Friendship Seminar was a great reminder and practical. While most seminars will tell you what you should be achieving, this seminar focused on the steps that is really applicable to the audience. Furthermore, it was a good reminder for really goal-driven people like me. It is so easy to forget what is really important in life when you are always running towards a goal. And this seminar really reminds you, through interaction with other audience members, of what really counts in life. It was a fun and practical seminar. It is highly recommended for anyone who is great at professional relations and not so good with personal or anyone who just wants to form a more meaningful relationships in life!”

Soowon Lee

“Your seminar reminded me to be more present and available to the friends that i have and that friendship, both new and old, takes effort, patience, time and love on the part of both parties to last a lifetime.”

Kendyl Conway
San Diego, CA