The Ideal Friendships Program

Empowering human connections, because
relationships power life!

I created the most comprehensive system on Friendships ever created.  Frankly, many people thought I was nuts dedicating a year of my life to put together this system.  Literally anything you can think of about friendships is in my program to create a bright new future in friendships.

All this material is on 6 CD’s, 84 pages of audio transcript, 40 page Action Guide designed to take you through the entire chronological process of creating and maintaining meaningful relationships.

If you have any questions if this stuff is effective, please read this entire page sales page below, all the bullet points of benefits you are going to get with Ideal Friendships program.

Look at the client testimonials.  These are people just like you, people who have tried it, quit, came back but really never wanted to give up in the pursuit of friendships.

I believe in this product, I believe you are going to love it and that it will make a huge difference in your life and I look forward to hearing about your success stories.

So please, if you’re ready to get started, click on the button below, download or get physical version mailed to you and I look forward to hearing your success story.

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The Ideal Friendships contains the following components:

• 6 Audio CD’s
• Action Guide (40 Pages)
• Audio Transcripts (84 Pages)


Here are the 6 Modules of content for Ideal Friendships Program:

Module 1: Introduction & Possibility of Friendships

  • Feel Inspired to Create Ideal Friendships
  • Truly GET The Importance of Friendships
  • How to Minimize Regrets in Your Life
  • How to Create a New Possibility for ANY Relationship
  • Why YOU Have The Power To Create Ideal Friendships
  • Feel Comfortable Knowing That WHEREVER You Are Right Now with
  • Friendships is Perfectly OK
  • Grasp With Ideal Friendship Feels Like
  • Get Clear on What Ideal in Friendships Arena Looks Like

“What I learned (from Jeffrey) doesn’t just relate to friendships, it’s relevant for business relationships, intimate relationships and relationships with people in my family.  Jeffrey was a very dynamic, centered and patience listener who demonstrated a real ability to empower large groups of people. It was a lot of fun and well worth the time. Live full out Jeff!”
Jan Spencer Rosen

Module 2: Psychology of True Friends

  • Creating Relationships With Others Begins With Relationship with Ourselves
  • Power of Beliefs in Ability to Connect with Others
  • #1 Factor That Determines IF You Achieve Your Goals
  • 3 Parts to EVERY Relationship
  • 3 Mindsets of A Friend
  • How to Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin
  • How to Recognize Our Internal Dialogue with Ourselves

“I have attended Jeff Greco’s Friendship Seminar. I found the seminar to be instructive and complete. The issues in friendship were provided in a very organized and meaningful way. Jeff’s style of presentation was very clear and concise and understandable. You will be able to create friendships and keep them vital if you follow his ideas. Friendships are essential to our self-esteem as I have found in my practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Jeff’s presentation brought back to me ideas about friendships that I had not thought about for some time. I consider my experience in his Friendship Seminar useful to myself and I believe it was useful to all who attended.”
Jerry Campana, MFT

San Diego, CA

Module 3: Creating New Friends

  • How to Make New Friends As Adult
  • Get Cyrstal Clear Type of People You Want as Friends
  • Best Places to Meet New Friends
  • 3 Keys to Initial Interaction to Maximize Impact
  • Recall Your Friend Strategy as a Youth
  • Creating New Friends Can (And Should Be) Fun

“Jeff Greco is a true leader in every sense of the word.  He has taken such talents to start a successful Internet marketing company and now has leveraged his entrepreneurial skills to become a gifted public speaker.  I have taken Jeff’s Ideal Friendship Seminar course and was blown away by his presentation and advice.  Jeff’s Ideal Friendship Seminar is a fantastic course for those seeking how to make the most of their relationships.  I cannot give Jeff enough praise for this course.  I have since reflected on my relationships and how they can make my life more fulfilling.  I highly recommend Jeff’s course to anyone looking to live a more rewarding life through their current relationships.”
David Fingerhut

Module 4: Developing More Fulfilling Friendships

  • Identify Existing Friends To Have More Fulfilling Friendships
  • Strategies To Access Fulfilling Friendships
  • Get Magic Moments and See How Rewarding Human Connection Can Be
  • How To Have Conscious Conversation
  • Specific Questions to Initiate Conscious Conversations Instantly
  • 5 Steps to Developing More Fulfilling Relationships
  • How to BE a Genuine Friend

“The ideal friendship seminar was extremely valuable for me.  I learned a simple “CSR” strategy for meeting and connecting with new people, and I took away thought-provoking principles that allowed me to re-evaluate what I want out of my current, and future, friendships.  I walked away at the end of the day with a completely different, and healthier, perspective on quality friendship.”
Jill Hartmann-Roberts

San Diego, CA

Module 5: Maintaining Friendships over Time

  • System to Maintain Friendships Throughout Time EVEN When You Have a VERY BUSY Life…Career, Kids….
  • 1-Hour to Maintain Relationships Throughout Life
  • Exact Ways Super Busy Professionals Maintain Friendships
  • How to Upgrade Birthday Wishes to Separate You from 99% of People using
  • Facebook
  • Tools to Make Maintaining Friendships Even Easier

Module 6: Completing Relationships & Next Steps

  • 3 Simple Steps to Complete Relationships Gracefully
  • How to Leave Other Person Whole and Complete
  • How To Know For Certain if There Are ANY Incomplete Relationships In ANY
  • Area of Life….And What To Do About It
  • Develop YOUR Action Plan to Have Ideal Friendships
  • Take Your Power Back In Relationships

Why Relationships are Key to Be, Do or Have Anything You Truly Want

A comprehensive, interactive coaching program, tackling a new facet of friendships every month, answering your personal questions on our monthly calls, and joining other people dedicated to improving the quality of relationships in Ideal Friendships’ exclusive members-only community forum.

Ideal Friendship Program shipped right to your home!

Only $247

OR…. Get The Brand New Digital Version Instantly!

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